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Exterior Stucco
Stucco is a lime based render applied to the exterior of a building. Often scored to imitate courses of masonry, then called channelled, and sometimes more deeply incised to give the appearance of roughly hewn stone, in which case it is rusticated.

Stucco can also be referred to as EIFS, or Exterior Insultation and Finish Systems are wall systems made up of multiple layers that create excellent enegery efficiency. 
EIFS layers consist of a substrate such as plywood, an adhesive, an insulation board, reinforcing mesh, base coat and a finishing coat.  This combination of elements acts like a thermal blanket for your home to provide insulation from the exterior to control the interior temperature.

EIFS have been used since the 1950's in both commercial and residential applications.  The finished look of EIFS is similar to stucco or stone and can be customized to satisfy your unique taste and style.
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